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Alvin Hope Johnson

President | Hope Housing Foundation

About Alvin Hope Johnson

Alvin Hope Johnson is a beloved and prominent member of his Texas community. He is the President of the non-profit entity Hope Housing Foundation, aimed at providing affordable housing developments. In addition to his philanthropic work as head of the Hope Housing Foundation, Alvin Hope Johnson also manages Assertive Management Group, LLC., a privately owned property management firm aiding in his foundation’s development, and Empowered Services of Texas, a general contracting firm that handles all of the foundation’s renovation ventures. The three businesses are centrally located in the Dallas, Texas area.

Alvin Hope Johnson is a man with a humble beginning. Early in his life, Alvin had to make some difficult choices that saw him taking whatever jobs could pay the bills. This led Alvin towards various sectors of the construction and development industry, often going door to door just to offer handyman services. A long way from where he started, Alvin Hope Johnson grew these skills into a successful and booming real estate development career. He attributes his success to the drive that his mentors and leaders taught him to harness along the way. For this reason, Alvin has dedicated his life to becoming a public speaker in addition to his business aspirations, so that he may inspire the next generation – or anyone out there trying to achieve their dreams – to claim the success they dream of.

Real Estate & Property Management

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Construction & Development

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Public Speaking

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Alvin’s Journey, Continued

Having natural people skills and a will to succeed, Alvin Hope Johnson took the skills he learned from his handyman days and studied to become a general contractor. He was able to grow his skillset and make connections within his professional and personal community. Alvin kept working towards making his general contractor venture a thriving success, and was able to assemble a team of highly skilled partners to start a construction agency. Here, Alvin and his team offered services included simple home repairs to complex development opportunities. Now managing a growing business, Alvin saw the need from his community for financial direction when it came to housing. Through his connections, Alvin began working within the mortgage & real estate industry in order to service his clientele even further. He served as CEO for Wholesale Lending Exchange, Inc, Near Town and Associates, and ADJ Mortgage, LLC, all located in Texas.

Alvin’s Mission

All of these opportunities ultimately led Alvin Hope Johnson to the Hope Housing Foundation. By combining all of the skills that Alvin acquired over his career, the fit couldn’t have been more perfect. His love of people, affinity for uplifting and inspiring others, and seeing his community thrive have pushed Alvin Hope Johnson to better himself every day. He became John Maxwell certified after completed training to become a public speaker. With this new skill, Alvin has been able to inspire even more communities with his positive outlook and mindful advice.


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