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With the strong labor economy right now, you might be feeling tempted to test the waters and look for a new job. However, it is not always greener on the other side. While getting a new job can be a great move, you need to do it for the right reasons. Here is what you need to consider:


Do It If: You Have a Great Offer on the Table


Sometimes life brings you options that you just can’t turn down. When you come across them, you just know they are going to change our life in a positive way. If you feel this way about a new position, then you have to trust your gut.


Don’t Do It If: You Have a Relationship Issue


If you don’t get along great with your boss or coworker, don’t be alarmed. Most people have at least one person in their office that they aren’t on great terms with. That doesn’t mean you should ditch your job. Instead, find ways to work together to meet on common ground.


Do It If: Your Passion Lies Elsewhere


Life is too short to avoid doing your passions. Not everyone will get to work a job that they are deeply passionate about. However, you might yourself in a situation where you are able to work in your field of choice. If this happens, weigh your options and decide if having your passion as your career is what you really want. Then, feel free to jump in with both feet.


Don’t Do It If: the New Job Pays Slightly More


You might be hearing your friends getting pay raises and wonder when yours is around the corner. However, the solution is not to simply go to a new company if you want more money. Instead, find ways to add value to your current company. After all, if they aren’t willing to increase your salary why would a new company?


When it comes to getting a new job, you should not just jump in without considering your options. Sometimes it could be the best move you make in your life. Other times, it will just slow you down. So take time to consider the tips above and make sure that if you make the jump, it’s because of the right reasons, not the wrong reasons.